Cytocam screenshot - all modules activated

Cytocam - now on version 2

All Elite and Vivid Micropix digital microscope cameras are supplied with our own image acquisition software, Cytocam. This software runs on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 PCs (or better). Sadly, it is not yet not Mac compatible. Features include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Live image preview.
  • One-click, single image capture.
  • Auto / manual exposure.
  • Gain and Gamma control.
  • Auto / manual white balance with manual colour and saturation control.
  • Full screen live image mode.
  • Zoom into / out of live image for fine focusing.
  • Capture images in jpg or tiff format.
  • Save and quickly switch between two camera configuration user-sets.
  • Cytocam is modular so you only pay for the functionality that you require.
  • We currently offer five additional modules:

Image Comparison
Video and Timelapse – NEW!
Background Subtraction – NEW!

Annotation Module:

Cytocam with Annotation Module
  • Automatically or manually calibrate the camera (calibration slide is included in the cost of the software module).
  • Measure lines.
  • Add scale bars.
  • Draw arrows, rectangles and circles.
  • Add text.
  • Draw a grid of known size (e.g. 100µm square)
  • Do manual point counting of up to 4 different items with count and ratios displayed withing the image (optional).

Fluorescence Module:

Cytocam with Fluorescence Module
  • Adds pseudo colour to images when used with a monochrome camera or colour camera in black and white mode.
  • Add blue, green and red to images.
  • Select single channel, dual or all three channels.
  • Create colour composite images.
  • Automatically save each channel image (optional).
  • Overlay fluorescence onto phase / DIC images.

Image Comparison Module:

Cytocam with Image Comparison Module - Dual Mode
Cytocam with Image Comparison Module - Quad Mode
  • Display a live image from the microscope next to one other image (dual mode) or three other images (quad mode).
  • Snap live images or load previously saved images.
  • Snapped images are stored in RAM and are cleared when the module is closed.
  • Save a live image at any time if required.

Video and Timelapse Module:

Cytocam with Video and Timelapse Module
  • Save a TIFF or JPEG image every x number of seconds, minutes or hours.
  • Automatically stop after x number of images, a certain time or manually. 
  • Record video – up to 5 megapixel resolution (2448 x 2048) at 25 frames per second. THIS IS HIGHLY DEPENDENT ON PC SPECIFICATION. 
  • Video uses MJPEG compression to produce an AVI file.

Flat Field / Background Correction Module:

Cytocam WITHOUT Flat Field Correction
Cytocam WITH Flat Field Correction
  • One-click background correction. 
  • Removes most optical shading.