High definition macro imaging system for use in the dissection lab of a Pathology department / Mortuary.

Please see our dedicated website for more detailed information:

  • Full HD (high definition) macro imaging system.
  • Samples can range from 70cm x 39cm to just 3.3cm x 1.7cm.
  • Includes free image capture software that is simple, intuitive, cutomisable and touch-screen friendly.
  • Easy software workflow for quick and efficient image retrieval without the need for a specialist database.
  • Full HD camera using the latest Sony sensor technology.
  • Motorised, 30x optical zoom.
  • Auto exposure, auto focusing and auto white balance for ease of use.
  • Smooth live image runs at 25 frames per second.
  • Can be wall, desk or ceiling mounted.
  • Optional LED illumination.
  • Save and quickly switch between two camera configuration user-sets.
Macro-imager screenshot
Annotation functions
Calibrated for measurements