Digital Microscope Cameras

Our digital microscope cameras utilise the latest sensor technology and combined with our own, in-house software – Cytocam – they offer exceptional imaging performance with easy-to-use and intuitive software.

Our new range of “Vivid” and “Elite” cameras use state-of-the-art, Sony digital sensors that offer improved dynamic range, quantum efficiency, saturation capacity, signal to noise ratio and reduced temporal dark noise (see below for definitions and explanations of these terms).

We have a camera to suit nearly all applications and budgets – more information can be found below and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need some advice.

Imaging made easy

We only sell 5 different models of digital microscope cameras which makes choosing a camera very simple.

Our Elite and Vivid cameras use a USB3 output, are run via a PC (not Mac compatible) and use our own Cytocam software.

Our VidCAM HD is a standalone camera that uses an HDMI output. Great for live display but with the added ability to save images and video to an SD card.


Elite Microscope Camera
  • Available in 2MP (megapixel), 5MP and 12MP versions.
  • Large sensors, fast frame rates, high sensitivity to light, high dynamic range, excellent colour reproduction. 
  • For publications, research, fluorescence imaging and high resolution pictures.


  • Our best all-rounder and most-popular model. 
  • An excellent, 3MP (megapixel) camera at a great price – just £1,950.


VidCAM HD with Retina screen
  • Standalone (no PC required) camera.
  • Best for projecting a live image e.g in an MDT / MDM room, conference or lecture theatre.
  •  Full HD (1920 x 1080) sensor with HDMI output.
  • Camera includes a mouse which acts as a useful pointer.
  • Images and video can be saved onto an SD card.
  • £1,450 plus optional 11″ retina screen at £250.